Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Tracy Anderson Method

So today, inbetween reading some old pieces of fanfiction (and its associated review) and actually working, I have been looking at the Tracy Anderson Method. For those of you not familiar with Tracy, she is a top LA personal trainer who trains the likes of Madonna, Shakira and Gwyneth Paltrow. Once a dancer, she is now the first person the celebs turn to when they need a non-surgical skin tightening i.e. to lose a few pounds. And hell, clearly she can tone people up. While someone like Gwyneth is uber-skinny, you cannot say that she is not well toned. And while I think I can pretty safely say I will never be uber-skinny... I think the possibility of being a little more toned is certainly there.

So, Tracy's moves are mostly based on dance. She focuses far less than the conventional DVD trainers on things like squats or lunges: instead, she looks at the small interconnecting muscles that are mostly ignored, but make a huge difference to your outline.

Went through a huge number of Amazon reviews and have ordered some DVDs. In my search to get an idea of exactly how long a workout might take (let's not lie, I don't have more than an hour to spare on this a day - if that!) I came across a video.

This is Gwyneth Paltrow doing Tracy's arm work out, to get in shape for her role for Iron Man.

Now, I'm not sure what happens after three minutes because I was so exhausted from just watching that much. Suddenly regretting that 'Click to Buy' button on Amazon - have a horrible feeling these ones might go dusty...

No! Why am I being so defeatist? They can't be that bad, surely? I'll give them a good go, anyway, and see how I turn out.

Hopefully buying some new trainers tonight, and then having dinner out with the Fiancé (don't worry, it's only a salad and I won't eat the breadsticks...!) before doing my workout. I'm thinking Pilates tonight - found myself getting a little too short of breath yesterday after being so ill all last week!

Hope you are all well and the sun is shining where you are.

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