Thursday, 17 February 2011

Act 1, Scene 1: A dessert place

It has just occurred to me that, in six months and two days, I will be married.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Let's be honest. Breakfast consisted of fruit toast, elevenses of a cereal bar (and yes, I think elevenses are acceptable - if hobbits can, so shall I) and a lunch time sandwich. Not so bad, you might think. Except the sandwich was accompanied by a bag of crisps, and I snuck some chocolate in at around four.

If I'm going to be frank with myself: I am a terrible eater. Not only am I a terrible eater, I'm also a lazy little madam. I count running for the train as my daily exercise, which is wrong. I have programmed my mind into 'minimal effort' mode, and, over the next six months and two days, I am going to undo all of that twenty-four years of wrongdoing.

Wish me luck...


  1. Good luck!

    There are things called vegetables - you might like to consider them. Carrot cake doesn't count.

  2. But carrot cake is so good... *grumble*

    Aim is to work-out before work tomorrow.

    Enthusiasm? 100%
    Commitment? Waning.
    Likelihood of this actually happening? Slim to none.

  3. Well I took up jogging last year, and if I can, anyone can. Remember the last person to be picked for the team in school sports? That was me. And now I pound the pavements and... it feels good! (Especially when it's over and I can have a nice slice of... no!)

  4. I'm on the dukan diet at the moment - no carbs. Difficult at first, but now it's easy. I don't think having a background of cakes makes dieting easy though!!! :p

    Oh, and congratulations on your wedding!

  5. Lou - exercise and I are not friends... see my new post!

    Louise - thank you so much! Ah, my eternal struggle with carbs will be commented on further down the line, don't you worry!