Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Deepest Depressions

Today, I was horrified. Having been a VERY good girl for the last few days, with all my commitments to the stairs and eating (almost) no carbs and (mostly) low fat, I would have thought that there would be something positive to look forward to today when I jumped on my Wii Fit scales for a boost for the day.

So when my scales cringed under my hefty feet, and the television told me my BMI was too high, I looked up to see, to my horror, that I have gained weight. No, wait, what? GAINED? But I have been so good! I have cut down the amount I am eating to about half. I have upped my exercise - and am about to hit the gym effing hard at 6 o'clock. I am really disappointed :(

I'd love to con myself into thinking that it's muscle but it's not. I'm really not sure what's happened, but there is clearly something naughty slipping into my diet. Which is a shame, because I'm suffering from the usual Diet Symptoms: headachey, tired, breath that tastes like nail varnish remover (yum x_x). Oh, and NO FUN FOOD.

This is the worst day ever in the history of all days ever.

On the bright side, I don't find myself craving things like bread or chocolate. I don't even really think about them and, as such, don't keep reminding myself how much I miss them. Except for right now, of course!

Am in a bit of a grump today. Think I'll sign off here. Gym tonight, for crosstraining fun. Moo :(


  1. Don't panic! It's quite normal for your weight to vary quite a bit from day to day - if you weigh yourself again in a few days time, I'm sure you'll have lost some.

    What are you drinking? If you're replacing food with sugary drinks, lots of juice, alcohol or milkshakes they can add lots of calories.

  2. It would be fine if my weight were to vary a bit. But five pounds in one go - that is very concerning! :(

    I'm drinking a lot of water, and maybe a glass of juice and a glass of soy milk within a day, but that's it. No alcohol, no milkshakes.

    Thank you for your support though - I really need it, am feeling so bummed out today.