Monday, 21 February 2011

Six Months

Saturday was the arrival of The Big Day. Well, not the actual big day, because that isn't until August. But the biggest day in reference to The (actual) Big Day so far. Six Months To Go.

Now, this on its own would already be impressive but, even more excitingly, I made the biggest commitment of my life so far (other than, you know, picking Him). I chose my wedding dress. I would go into details, but I know The Fiancé reads this so I can't...! Let's just say it was my first choice, and after a few attempts, I found myself reverting to it with certainty. It even made my Dad tear up a little bit. Possibly because he saw the price tag.

But in all seriousness: choosing the dress finally put my scales (both time and weighing) into perspective. Six months to the day. In one month's time, I will be measured, and all those numbers - hips, waist (or lack thereof), underboobs, overboobs - will be sent off to the Dress Fairies. And then, through some Cinderella-type Disney-esque magic, mice and birds will put my outfit together and my dress will be made. And, once made, it can be altered to a size less - and that's it.

What, wait, that's it?! A month today, I will commit my sizes and I can only drop a dress size from there. Nobody tells you this in the magazines! Where did that come from? That means the majority of weight-shifting work will have to happen in the next month, and the rest will be about severe toning.

I guess, if I'd thought about it, it makes sense. With a dress with an internal corset, losing too much will mean that all the structure will be, well, wasted (if you'll pardon the pun). But gosh, in some ways, my long-term motivation has been a little dashed.

However, counter-balancing to that - my short-term motivation is ON FIRE. I have run up every escalator and every set of stairs so far today, even though I'm wearing heels. I've had a non-carb breakfast, non-carb lunch, and I'm aiming for a non/low-carb dinner too. Oh, and a DVD session with Davina McCall tonight. If I've got one month to really cane myself, then I am going to. And then, I'm just going to enjoy watching all the wobbly bits tighten up.

Realistically, I'm not actually going to lose more than two dress sizes in six months - I think that would be unhealthy and, truth be told, I probably wouldn't keep it off. So maybe this is for the best... I just wish someone would have told me!

Anyway, as an aside: my lovely friend Helen sent me this to cheer me on, for which I am very grateful indeed!

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