Thursday, 24 February 2011

Crunch Time

Huzzah! Last night, I did eighty sit-ups and I actually think it might have had some magical effect, because today I feel AWESOME. Could also be affected by the fact that I got a solid eight hours sleep... but I'm going to go with the sit-up theory.

So, I decided that normal sit ups are SERIOUSLY boring, so I decided to switch it up a little bit. With The Fiancé playing songs from the musicals - inspired by watching Hairspray all evening - and me in my pyjamas on a yoga mat in the middle of the room, I did ten reps of each of the following sets:

Crocodile crunches - raising arms straight and legs straight and meeting in the middle.
Reverse abdominals - holding legs straight up in the air, and then legs and bum off ground.
Half-half sit-ups - bringing yourself up into a sit up in two graduated moves. (x2)
Half-half sit ups with knees bent to side - bringing yourself up into a sit up in two graduated moves, with knees bent to the side. Repeated for left and right.
Cycle sit-ups - using cycling leg motions, and touching alternate knees.
Full pull-ups - a complete sit up, complete with The Fiancé holding my ankles down.

What a sight that must have been. Anyway - hurrah! I am very chuffed with myself. If only I could do that every night before bed... Well, we should all aim for something!

Really fancy sushi for lunch, so think I will indulge in Abokado today. Yummy and fresh! :)

Tonight is a big night out with the Lovely Ladies from work, and then on to some card games. Must avoid drinking cocktails. Fingers crossed, team.

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